Unlock Artificial Intelligence

How the next generation of smart technologies revolutionizes our world Without a doubt one of the most transformative technologies in human history is about to empower businesses around the globe to change our world forever. Artificial Intelligence is already infiltrating all our lives. From machine learning to deep learning, from Netflix to Alexa, from self-driving cars to human-like chatbots, AI is everywhere. But we are just getting started. How are AI technologies transforming traditional businesses? How can organizations leverage the power of smart technologies? How will AI make this world a better place?

Unlock Innovation Excellence

How organizations can turn themselves into hubs for innovation From the humble beginnings of an idea all the way through execution and countless decision points innovations have a rocky path to master to become breakthroughs. Not many ideas survive, and among them not necessarily the best. Yet, some organizations and young companies have found a way to reach unprecedented numbers of breakthrough ideas. The tools and systems they use are no secret but transforming a culture into a high performing culture of innovation is one of the toughest challenges organizations face. Here is how you do it. How do you speed up the evolution of ideas? How do you implement a culture of innovation in which ideas have a chance of survival? How do you become a Silicon Valley inspired innovation-driven growth company?

Unlock Purpose-Driven Growth

How the right questions rather than answers lead to exceptional solutions and how you make them work for you Organizations need purpose. Detailed strategic planning no longer provides enough flexibility for volatile market environments. Nothing provides a framework for exploration and decision making like a clear statement of a company's purpose. Purpose provides the questions that innovative ideas will answer. Get everybody on board, define success and start a new journey. How comapnies find their purpose? How purpose becomes the center piece of decision making? How purpose attracts the right minds to work together?

Unlock Organizational Intelligence

How the mix of minds makes all the difference For the survival of our species nothing has been more crucial than our diversity. Same is true for the evolution of our ideas. Without a diverse set of minds and very different approaches to solving the problems of our time we will not survive. Organizations can leverage the power of diversity to create innovative solutions, serve new markets and adapt to whatever is coming their way. How diversity can become your biggest selling point? How you leverage the power of diversity and deal with obstacles? How you make people comfortable with being uncomfortable?

Don't be a Robot - Survival Strategies in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

How we have to stop acting like robots if we don't want to be replaced by them While robots have become more and more human, humans have in the aftermath of the industrialization turned into working machines. Now everything that we have standardized from education to business operations can be done by smart machines. To look at a bright future of work we have to go back to seven survival strategies in the age of artificial intelligence. How to be human? How to become irreplacable? How to make robots your best friends?

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